NeoSetup Updater

NeoSetup Updater 1.5

NeoSetup is an application updater and installer for Windows programs
4.5  (8 votes)

NeoSetup Updater is a handy application that performs two main functions: it helps you easily update your installed programs and allows you to quickly install new applications in batch mode, in a fast and convenient manner, from a predefined collection that already includes the most popular tools.

NeoSetup Updater is very easy-to-use thanks to its intuitive and straightforward interface. Even complete beginners can quickly install updates or new applications using NeoSetup Updater. Furthermore, the interface is not only neat and self-explanatory, but also elegant and appealing.

I also like about it the fact that it can detect new updates in a reliable and accurate manner. It represents a great solution to keep your installed applications up-to-date and ensure that bugs and security issues don’t cause a problem for you.

NeoSetup Updater also lists the applications that it can download and install in a neat, well-organized menu, nicely structured by categories. It will also perform clean installations of the supported tools, leaving toolbars, adware, and other annoyances out of your sight.

In conclusion, I like NeoSetup Updater and I’m sure many people will find it very handy. It’s an easy-to-use application installer and updater that works like a charm.

Margie Smeer
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  • Can be used to install many apps at once, in batch mode.
  • Offers accurate update notifications.
  • Easy-to-use


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